Digital PR: How to put a smile on a journalists face

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Digital PR: How to put a smile on a journalist’s face

Written by Aran Jackson

Digital PR: How to put a smile on a journalists face

Any agencies, freelancers or brands involved in digital PR and outreach know how stressful it can be to spend so much time researching, ideating, creating content, pitching it and then not hearing anything back from a journalist – not even a squeak.

And there are so many things that could have contributed to its failing:

  • The subject line
  • The salutation
  • The opening pitch
  • Lack of relevant angle or hook
  • Wrong tone of voice
  • Too much copy
  • Bad formatting
  • Or just purely bad timing (how many OOO’s do you get in July/August?!)

So you end up split testing your subject lines, trialling different openers and sending all of this to as many relevant journalists and sites as possible, just hoping one will land and pave the way for more.

And then, one day you work on a campaign topic that the whole nation is talking about and the little lightbulb goes off in your head, flickering with excitement and you think…

“Yes, this is my chance to write a really funny outreach email, the ultimate outreach email – one that will make journalists chuckle.”


Digital PR and outreach email example


And it does the trick…


digital PR and outreach email reply


And another…


positive digital PR and outreach email reply


Obviously, their head wasn’t turned – but we’ll take the praise…


Not interested digital PR and outreach reply


Not a bit of them ?


great email digital PR and outreach reply


So while we wait and see whether we get pied off, we have learnt something. We’ve learnt that in a world where we receive so many emails (we receive our fair share of bad pitches too – mostly for guest blogging), if you can write an email – especially a humorous one that creates an instant connection with top-tier journalists, then that’s half the battle won.

And even if the content isn’t right for them, we still got their attention in a positive way and each future email can be followed up with “Oi, oi…”


Let’s hope we’re 100% their type on paper email in the future! ???

If this sharing of a small moment in our world has got you thinking, then spend a bit more time with us and read our definitive guide to digital PR


Post published on Friday July 20, 2018

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