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why i made the move from journalism to digital marketing

10 / 09 / 20

Missing Link #1: ‘Why I made the jump from journalism to digital marketing’


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Many digital PR’s have different routes into the PR and SEO industry, but starting out as a journalist before moving into digital marketing can be highly advantageous.

To find out more about this leap, the benefits and the skills that crossover, we talked to Surena Chande, Digital PR Manager at Re:signal about her experiences


The webinar covers:

  • Why Surena made the jump from journalism to Digital Marketing
  • The transferrable skills and crossovers from journalism to Digital PR
  • The biggest challenges, downfalls and ways Digital PR has changed over the past few years
  • How the journalistic landscape has changed and affected digital PR campaigns/outreach

About Surena:

Surena Chande is a Digital PR Manager at Re:signal and  freelance journalist who left journalism full-time in 2017 to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. She has since gone from working on titles such as OK!, BBC Good Food and Cosmopolitan, to landing top-tier international coverage for clients including ASICS, Babylon Health, GoCompare, Tide, BuzzBingo and more.

Since working in the field, she has shared her insights at a number of industry talks and webinars, trained not-for-profit organisations in Digital PR and is often found tweeting outreach tips.