Digital PR &
creative backlink
case studies
Here are some examples of the work we do with a range of clients in an array of sectors all over the world. We leverage creativity for strong and relevant SEO backlink acquisition.


Positioning our health client as the expert – drives traffic, bookings and impressive search ranking gains.


For our client genealogy brand MyHeritage, we looked through 300 years of their own historic Census archives.


By ranking the world’s most eco-friendly attractions we built links from unique international publications.

The Bottle Club

Alcohol like Gin & Whisky enjoying a huge renaissance, it’s the perfect time for reactive and proactive PR.

Good dogs! We sniffed out which holiday destinations in the UK were most dog-friendly for


Ever wondered the value of No.10 or the White House? We did the research to find out if world leaders could afford to buy their residences.

How do you reach new audiences & build quality backlinks from new & unique domains? By tapping into the UK’s brand-a-lust!


OnlyFans has received a lot of media attention over the last few months, the perfect opportunity to generate a Digital PR campaign!


How do you reach new audiences and build backlinks from new and unique domains during a national crisis? Through reactive digital PR.

Looking for relevant coverage in your industry?

This is just a small selection of all the coverage we’ve gained. Contact us for a list of relevant links we’ve gained for similar clients in your industry.

Victorian Plumbing

With large-scale home improvements off the list for many households, JBH focused on the DIY tasks that people of all abilities could achieve.

Essential Living

How does riding the London Underground compare to the 10 busiest subway systems around the world? Our 100+ links will tell you!

How often do you Google your symptoms when you’re not feeling 100%? We all do it, and that’s why this story resonated so well with the press!


Our mouth-watering Digital PR campaign for recipe box company Gousto served up some really tasty links!

Back of the net! We used our super skills to rank the best stadiums for fan experience…in return, we received a flurry of links!

JBH – The Content Agency

As an agency it’s not often you get the chance to work on your own campaigns, but we decided to treat ourselves to some top-tier links!


Our appetite for beautiful food imagery continues to grow and as such, this campaign taps into the notion of visual hunger


With many cultural events in cities across the UK, we thought we’d find out which city hosted the most cultural attractions per square mile.


Collaborating with international retail influencers on content enabled us to generate high value leads from well-known retail brands