JBH is a content & digital PR agency.

We do one thing
and we do it very well.

We create compelling content for digital PR and outreach to generate relevant coverage and earned links on authoritative sites around the world.

Our team is designed to work closely with marketing and SEO departments boosting the visibility of the brands in search, driving traffic and building credibility. Simple.

What’s more, we offer an earned link guarantee – which means that the responsibility is on us to develop and outreach relevant and unique ideas with multiple angles to ensure we exceed, not just hit your KPI.

All of our links are 100% earned – never paid.

Content marketing

Our content campaigns and packages help brands build credibility with their target audiences online, increase engagement on social media, drive traffic to their website and generate relevant leads.

Digital PR

We work closely with SEO teams to create content for digital PR and outreach that will generate earned coverage and backlinks on authoritative and relevant sites. What’s more, our digital PR campaigns have a link guarantee.


As one of the leading infographic agencies in the UK, our team of designers and copywriters will create brand stories that engage, educate and inspire your target audience to ensure that your brand is seen as a thought leader in its market.

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7th July 2020

There are nine core counselling skills, with three ‘core conditions’ for growth that are practised as skills by counsellors. You’re probably wondering how this relates to digital PR in any way, and at first glance, it doesn’t. We aren’t counsellors providing a helping relationship with a client. 

But here’s the thing: we do need to build authentic relationships with many stakeholders to get results for our campaigns.

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