We are the content agency for brands with something to say. Brands who want to grow quickly, brands who crave attention, brands who want to shake up their market – not tomorrow, but today.

Launched in 2013 by three friends and colleagues, JBH is an award-winning boutique content and digital PR agency based in Manchester.

We support marketing and SEO teams around the world by creating compelling content for digital PR and outreach that generates relevant and authoritative coverage and earned links on mid and top-tier sites.

We’re proud to be working with some huge national and international brands including Gousto, Missy Empire, REED and Betway.

Your business can benefit from our clear & transparent digital PR and outreach packages.

After many conversations with in-house teams, we wanted to offer a digital PR service that includes a 100% earned link guarantee, so unlike most SEO and digital PR agencies, you select the link KPI and we meet, if not exceed it. Simple.

As the onus is on us to meet and exceed the KPIs, we employ a team of digital PR specialists with experience spanning SEO, content and PR to ensure that our campaigns are relevant and boost search rankings.

Our approach

As we only offer 3 core services, we are able to provide every project with the focus it deserves – we don’t get involved in all elements of digital marketing, just the bits where we can truly make the most impact for our clients, and this is reflected in our digital PR campaign results.


You might think this is a given, that an agency is creative, but it’s not. Our creativity is not reserved for design, it encompasses the way we treat content creation – from being creative with data to developing concepts for very niche brands.


We’re not quitters. We never give up – we’re constantly finding new ways to engage online audiences and journalists to ensure we get the most visibility for your content and hit, if not exceed our KPIs.


Unlike many agencies, we are directly accountable for the success of your campaign. Our digital PR link guarantee takes the risk out of working with an agency, enabling you to easily benchmark the success of every campaign.