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13 / 12 / 23

Digital PR Calendar: (Pop Culture Edition 2024)


Abi Fairfoull

2 minute read

Introducing the JBH Digital PR Pop Culture Calendar for 2024. The calendar will provide you with key dates in the pop culture world to help you plan your Digital PR campaigns.

Our calendar will help you to:

  • Plan for upcoming pop culture events.
  • Ideate for link-winning campaigns.
  • Help you to plan your events and budgets for the whole year.

How to install the calendar (1 click install)

Simply follow the link and click “Add” to the calendar and all upcoming pop culture events will filter through your Google Calendar. 

The events will automatically add to your own Google calendar – you don’t need to do anything else!

Click here to add key pop culture dates to your Google Calendar

Why We Created a 2024 Digital PR Pop Culture Calendar

At JBH, we live and breathe pop culture. It has not only become an integral part of our lives, but it has influenced many of our reactive and large scale Digital PR campaigns. From music to TV and film, to books and gaming, pop culture surrounds us in more ways than we know, it has the power to influence and shape our thoughts, beliefs and values. 

As Digital PRs, staying attuned to the ever-evolving landscape of mass media is crucial, however, with streaming services like Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime revolutionising how we consume film and TV, navigating the dynamic currents of pop culture can prove a daunting task. 

So much so, we often overlook significant milestones in mainstream culture that could have served as valuable campaign opportunities for our clients. Whether it’s overlooking the premiere of a new blockbuster movie, or being unaware of an upcoming tour for a pop icon, like Beyonce or Taylor Swift, here at JBH we too have those ‘I wish I had thought of that idea’ moments. 

That’s precisely why we’ve developed the JBH Pop Culture Calendar, designed to alert our team about upcoming box office film releases, out dates and the latest TV series and movie launches on all streaming platforms. With this tool in place, our team is empowered to seize every crucial opportunity and never miss another significant moment in pop culture again. 

To help you unlock the power of pop culture and truly elevate your Digital PR Strategy, we’ve chosen to make our tool available to the industry. 

** The calendar will be updated every month so you won’t miss any pop culture moments **