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08 / 04 / 20

Digital PR Diaries – Episode #1


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Welcome to the first episode of the Digital PR Diaries….

I’ve joined forces with my fabulous friend Laura Hampton, Digital PR Manager at Impression and queen of the skies to bring you our thoughts on the world of digital PR – it’s not a webinar, it’s not a podcast, so maybe it’s a vodcast…?! Whatever it is, we hope to do it regularly.

Our aim is to be as candid as possible (hopefully without offending anyone) about the challenges we face with campaigns, measuring performance and generating business. We will discuss the way the digital PR landscape is changing – especially during COVID-19 and the impact this is having. We’re both very open and honest, so hopefully will make for interesting watching! If not, I’m sure you’ll let us know haha.

Each episode will be a chat covering a different theme and we’ll invite guests on to share their stories too.

Both of us are more used to standing on stage and speaking, than being behind the camera, hence the technical issues – it’s not meant to be polished, but equally not that raw 🙂

If you rate the video and would like to see more, give us any feedback on Twitter @jbh_jane & @lauralhampton and let us know what topics we should cover and which guests from the SEO / PR / Content world you’d like to see us chat to!