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how to build a successful digital pr team

28 / 10 / 20

WATCH AGAIN: Missing Link #3: How to build a successful digital PR team


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If you missed our webinar with James Congdon on How to build a successful digital PR team, you can catch up here..

Our very own James Congdon, has been recruiting candidates for digital PR and outreach roles for many years and has volunteered to share some insight into how to recruit the right people, in order to build teams (both agency and client-side) that not only gel, but are also successful.


The webinar covers:

  • The ingredients for a successful team
  • What to look for when hiring
  • Should you test candidates and what kind of tests work best?
  • Tips to improve your hiring process and attract the best talent

About James Congdon:

James is the Growth Director at JBH and founder of recruitment partner WithFrontier. Not only has James spent over a decade working both client and agency-side in digital marketing, he’s also been instrumental in building digital PR and outreach teams, helping agencies and brands across the UK recruit for a range of roles in SEO, content and digital PR.

His first hand experience of building digital PR and outreach teams combined with his extensive personal network means that he truly understands the requirements and demands of the industry, ensuring he matches candidates with the most relevant roles.