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digital prs: rip up the rule book

14 / 12 / 20

If you work in digital PR then you need to rip up the rule book


2 minute read

It’s not that rules are there to be broken, but in times of immense challenges and uncertainty, the old rules just don’t apply in the same way. 

If nothing else, this year has proved that you don’t need to follow a rule book for building a business and delivering a service. But what you do have to be is adaptable.

Adaptable brands always thrive in times of crisis.

And JBH is no different. We’ve thrived during 2020, tripling in size and revenue, but it’s no coincidence and I think it comes down to one key thing – we’ve been able to adapt quickly and learn as we go.

“Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down.” Kobi Yamada

So what has 2020 taught me?

  1. There is no one ‘right way’ of delivering a digital PR service and campaigns
  2. Speed is everything – you need to be setup to respond to opportunities in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days
  3. Forget the silos. Digital PR involves all stakeholders and agencies should be working with SEO, PR, social and wider marketing teams – especially amid a crisis
  4. Traditional public speaking has been replaced by webinars, vlogs and podcasts and I don’t think this will shift back again once the pandemic is over – this is our new norm
  5. Brands are much more specific about what success looks like and agencies need to adapt and respond to each brands unique objectives and challenges
  6. Campaigns should always seek to go beyond delivering just links and add additional value to the brand or business
  7. A blended ‘always on’ approach is required for digital PR requiring a skillset that fuses hero and reactive PR techniques
  8. PRs need to be multi-skilled and agile, constantly learning, questioning and tweaking
  9. With so much competition for talent, we’re focused on providing the best training, bringing in outside experts to provide a range of knowledge and perspectives
  10. There is more scope for fast career development than ever before, for those with the right attitude, the sky’s the limit!
  11. Tear up the rule book, what worked traditionally won’t anymore. The only thing that is consistent is that the world of digital marketing is constantly changing and there isn’t time to sit back and relax or you’ll get left behind.

So 2020 has taught me that instead of following an old set of rules, we need to be constantly rewriting the rules, challenging ourselves and figuring it out as we go – and that’s ok.