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how to smash digital pr campaign for travel clients in todays climate

17 / 11 / 20

WATCH AGAIN: Missing Link #4: How to smash digital PR campaigns for travel clients in today’s climate


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In this very timely webinar, Iona Townsley discusses what travel journalists are looking for in a pitch and how you can create campaigns that give them what they want, how to create campaigns that work no matter what happens in the world and while doing all this, how to keep your client happy.


The webinar covers:

  • The travel pitches journalists are looking for right now?
  • What kind of PR activity should people be doing right now
  • The campaigns she’s worked on have that do well
  • How can in-house PR teams get coverage for their clients?
  • How to manage accounts with travel brands and expectations

About Iona:

Iona has years of experience working in marketing before settling on Digital PR as a profession. She first started her journey at SEO Travel, an SEO agency specialising in travel companies before moving to Rise at Seven as a Senior Campaign Executive where she delivers strong campaigns and integrated PR strategies. She specialises in travel PR and creative campaigns that bring more than just links.

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