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career confidence in pr and where to find it

27 / 05 / 21

Career Confidence in PR and Where To Find It


Chloe Maxwell

5 minute read

No matter how great we are at our jobs, there will always come a time where we lack confidence in ourselves and our abilities – whether it be from a place of self-doubt, or the tiniest piece of constructive criticism on a particularly bad day.

PR is a tough world, when I started working in the industry I wasn’t prepared for just how much discourse and well, drama there would be – and I studied fashion, so I know a tough industry when I see one. 

With constant discussions on the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn – whether it be about methodologies, outreach etiquette or the ongoing Digital vs. Traditional PR debate – it’s easy to read through threads and comment sections and feel like you’re doing something, or everything wrong.

Usually, we’re not – but it doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes start to question everything we do in fear of stepping one foot wrong, resulting in needing a major career confidence boost. 

So where do we find it?

Social Media

career confidence being shared on social media

Credit – @kirstyhulse

It might seem a bit hypocritical suggesting social media as a place to find confidence after explaining how it can destroy it – but if you look in the right places, and find the right people, it can be.

Whilst both Twitter and LinkedIn can be a hub of discourse, especially in the ‘PR World’,  there’s also plenty of people willing to offer support and advice.

Motivational speaker and founder Kirsty Hulse is well known in the Marketing and PR industry for her lighthearted, comedic keynotes, speeches and confidence training. She doesn’t keep everything behind a paywall however, and is always sharing tips on career confidence over on her Twitter account @Kirsty_Hulse.


motivational quote about career confidence

Credit – @thehappynewspaper

A huge part of working in PR is spending a good chunk of your time scrolling through news articles and social media, and especially recently – when it feels like it’s nothing but bad news, you need something to break through the noise…that’s where The Happy Newspaper comes in.

The Happy Newspaper frequently shares not only good news and fun, interesting facts but also plenty of motivational messages for anyone who might be having a bit of a tough day.


positive affirmations from girls in marketing

Credit: @girlsinmarketing

Girls in Marketing isn’t just a social page, it’s a whole community – and it’s exactly what it says in the tin. In 2019 it was found that 79% of women lack confidence in the workplace, Girls In Marketing is not only an excellent educational tool, but also a great page to follow on all social platforms for well needed, motivational affirmations.


Film & TV

the bold type tv poster

Credit – @theboldtypetv

Do you ever wonder why we find film and TV so relatable? Despite being (mostly) fictional, there’s something comforting about seeing real life situations, even if they’re not actuallyreal life’, happening right in front of our eyes. So it comes as no surprise that some of your favourite films and shows can actually be one of your main sources of inspiration.

The Bold Type on Netflix has become an instant hit, and revolves around three young women working at a hit fashion magazine, showing just how tough a career in media and digital can be.

What’s so great about it though, is that it doesn’t just show the characters achievements, but also shows their not-so-perfect moments too – where they get things wrong. It does an excellent job at normalizing that you don’t have to get it perfect, every single time.


mad men tv drama showcasing pr and advertising

Credit: @thegentlemanoftoday

Mad Men, a little different compared to The Bold Type, but still an excellent depiction of a life in media and marketing. The period drama follows the escapades of Don Draper, an advertising executive.

Don is nothing short of...shady, so maybe don’t look up to him as a role model, and instead as an example of what not to do – but the show is great for finding inspiration in the world of PR and Advertising – especially in regards to pitching. It’s perfect to watch before that big, nerve-wracking client meeting!



steven bartlett and his 'happy sexy millionaire' book

Credit – @steven

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a good book – whether it be fact or fiction.

If you’re in the PR/Marketing/Social World, you probably don’t need an explanation as to who Steven Bartlett is – the ‘Social Chain’ founder and entrepreneur recently released his critically acclaimed book ‘Happy Sexy Millionaire’ – and it’s the perfect sunday read if you’ve been feeling a little down on yourself. The tale of Bartlett’s successes and failures – from being a Uni drop-out to running a hugely successful agency, is definitely one for the ‘To Read’ list.

Steven also has his podcast, ‘Diary Of A CEO’ – which is perfect for if you feel as if  you don’t have the time to sit down and read.


Magic of Not Giving A F**k book by Sarah Knight

Credit: @mcsnugz

Author Sarah Knight has an entire series to well, put it a little more politely…but not give a toss what other people think of who you are, what you do, and how you do it. ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**k’ is a perfect, light and humorous read to stop you overthinking constantly and you’ll turn that last page feeling a lot more confident.

Confidence doesn’t come easily, especially in an industry as tough, challenging and ever-changing as PR – but it can be easy to find.