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WATCH AGAIN: Missing Link #5: How to harness newsjacking for digital PR

Over the last 6 months, newsjacking and reactive pitching has become one of the favourite techniques in our digital PR toolbox. This method provides so many opportunities to earn links, build brand awareness and also help to turn around any underperforming campaigns for our clients.

In this webinar, Rebecca Moss, our digital PR director takes you all through her newsjacking process, from sourcing news stories and ideas, to the importance of being set up to succeed. She’ll also provide some tips to get you started and maximise your opportunities, as well as sharing examples of this technique being used effectively by brands all over the world.

The webinar covers:

  • Where to look for newsjacking or reactive pitch ideas
  • Why speed is so important to success when using this technique
  • How to deliver a pitch journalists really want
  • How to build links more consistently from newsjacking
  • How to think like a press office
  • Q&A – Opportunity to ask Rebecca anything about newsjacking

About Rebecca
Rebecca Moss is the digital PR director at JBH, leading a team of experienced digital PR experts to deliver PR and link building campaigns for clients across a range of sectors, including personal finance, home and lifestyle.

Rebecca works strategically with PR and SEO teams to ensure the campaigns JBH creates not only build brand awareness and credibility for our clients, but are also sensitive to current news stories.

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WATCH AGAIN: Missing Link #4: How to smash digital PR campaigns for travel clients in today’s climate

In this very timely webinar, Iona Townsley discusses what travel journalists are looking for in a pitch and how you can create campaigns that give them what they want, how to create campaigns that work no matter what happens in the world and while doing all this, how to keep your client happy.


The webinar covers:

  • The travel pitches journalists are looking for right now?
  • What kind of PR activity should people be doing right now
  • The campaigns she’s worked on have that do well
  • How can in-house PR teams get coverage for their clients?
  • How to manage accounts with travel brands and expectations

About Iona:

Iona has years of experience working in marketing before settling on Digital PR as a profession. She first started her journey at SEO Travel, an SEO agency specialising in travel companies before moving to Rise at Seven as a Senior Campaign Executive where she delivers strong campaigns and integrated PR strategies. She specialises in travel PR and creative campaigns that bring more than just links.

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WATCH AGAIN: Missing Link #3: How to build a successful digital PR team

If you missed our webinar with James Congdon on How to build a successful digital PR team, you can catch up here..

Our very own James Congdon, has been recruiting candidates for digital PR and outreach roles for many years and has volunteered to share some insight into how to recruit the right people, in order to build teams (both agency and client-side) that not only gel, but are also successful.


The webinar covers:

  • The ingredients for a successful team
  • What to look for when hiring
  • Should you test candidates and what kind of tests work best?
  • Tips to improve your hiring process and attract the best talent

About James Congdon:

James is the Growth Director at JBH and founder of recruitment partner WithFrontier. Not only has James spent over a decade working both client and agency-side in digital marketing, he’s also been instrumental in building digital PR and outreach teams, helping agencies and brands across the UK recruit for a range of roles in SEO, content and digital PR.

His first hand experience of building digital PR and outreach teams combined with his extensive personal network means that he truly understands the requirements and demands of the industry, ensuring he matches candidates with the most relevant roles.

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WATCH AGAIN: How to pitch to home, interiors and lifestyle journalists post-lockdown

If you missed our Missing Link webinar with top home and interiors journalists you can catch up here.

JBH invited Jenny Wood freelance journalist for publications including The Daily Mail and Good Homes and Olivia Heath, Digital Editor at House Beautiful, to share insight into how the pandemic has affected their roles, the types of pitches they want to receive and the opportunities for brands.

Jenny & Olivia covered the following topics:

  • How the roles of home and lifestyle journalists and editors have changed
  • How has it impacted the news desk / the publications they write for
  • What kind of stories do they want PRs to pitch
  • Pitch fails
  • How to optimise stories for coverage

Jenny Wood
Formerly Lifestyle Editor at Buzz (The Sun), and before that, Features Editor at LOOK magazine, Jenny has over 20 years experience working and freelancing for publications including The Daily Mail, Notebook, Fabulous, Red, Good Homes, Glamour, Metro, Top Santé, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Own, Closer, Pick Me Up, Chat, Men’s Health, CosmoBride, Real Health & Beauty and Company.

She specialises in lifestyle, homes, real life/human interest stories, emotional wellbeing, health and fitness, sexual health and out-and-about features.

Olivia Heath
Olivia has been the Digital Editor at House Beautiful for four years overseeing all editorial output online, as well as managing social media channels and spearheading new campaigns and franchises. Before making the switch to homes & interiors, she worked in showbiz & celebrity for four years at Reveal magazine online.

Formerly Lifestyle Editor at Buzz (The Sun), and before that, Features Editor at LOOK magazine, Jenny has over 20 years experience working and freelancing for publications including The Daily Mail, Notebook, Fabulous, Red, Good Homes, Glamour, Metro, Top Santé, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Own, Closer, Pick Me Up, Chat, Men’s Health, CosmoBride, Real Health & Beauty and Company.

She specialises in lifestyle, homes, real life/human interest stories, emotional wellbeing, health and fitness, sexual health and out-and-about features.

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Missing Link #1: ‘Why I made the jump from journalism to digital marketing’

Many digital PR’s have different routes into the PR and SEO industry, but starting out as a journalist before moving into digital marketing can be highly advantageous.

To find out more about this leap, the benefits and the skills that crossover, we talked to Surena Chande, Digital PR Manager at Re:signal about her experiences


The webinar covers:

  • Why Surena made the jump from journalism to Digital Marketing
  • The transferrable skills and crossovers from journalism to Digital PR
  • The biggest challenges, downfalls and ways Digital PR has changed over the past few years
  • How the journalistic landscape has changed and affected digital PR campaigns/outreach

About Surena:

Surena Chande is a Digital PR Manager at Re:signal and  freelance journalist who left journalism full-time in 2017 to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. She has since gone from working on titles such as OK!, BBC Good Food and Cosmopolitan, to landing top-tier international coverage for clients including ASICS, Babylon Health, GoCompare, Tide, BuzzBingo and more.

Since working in the field, she has shared her insights at a number of industry talks and webinars, trained not-for-profit organisations in Digital PR and is often found tweeting outreach tips.


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WATCH AGAIN: Cut through the digital PR bullshit

Did you miss our webinar with Alex Hickson? Don’t worry, you can watch it back now...

If you’re new to the digital PR / SEO industry you may get given a lot of advice, but which is worth listening to and which is pure BS?

To find out, we were joined by Alex Hickson from Rise at Seven who with over a year of experience in the industry shares some of the well-intended advice he has been given – good and bad – and advises on how you can cut through the bullshit and learn from others.

In this very honest webinar, Alex discusses:

  • How to separate the good advice from the bad
  • How to promote yourself in a competitive environment and be authentic
  • How to navigate the first steps in your career

About Alex:
After a year with digital marketing firm Edit, Alex Hickson has recently become a Senior Digital PR Executive with Sheffield-based, Rise at Seven. In his first year, Alex has already worked with a multitude of B2C and B2B clients delivering high standard campaigns and PR strategies, been nominated for an EU Search Award, delivered industry talks and academic lectures, and started an online series supporting furloughed digital marketing professionals through COVID-19.


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WATCH AGAIN: What Journalists Want – Post Lockdown Edition

If you missed our webinar on ‘What journalists want – post lockdown edition’ with Amie Sparrow, who heads up Digital PR at Blue Array, then you can watch back now!

In this webinar we cover:

  • How lockdown has impacted journalists over the last few months
  • How the roles of journalists have changed
  • What do they want / need from PRs post lockdown?
  • How to make your pitches more relevant and targeted
  • What’s the ONE thing we can do to make their lives easier AND gain coverage?

Also, here’s a list of useful resources that we discussed:

Thanks for joining us and see you at the next webinar 😀

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WATCH AGAIN: How to apply core counselling skills to digital PR

Two topics you’ve never seen covered together until now! This week we had the pleasure of talking to Hannah Butcher, digital PR and SEO expert and qualified counsellor about how we can use core counselling skills to build better relationships, with colleagues, clients and journalists and be more open minded!

In the webinar Hannah focuses on 3 key counselling skills that will help us build better relationships with all stakeholders. So how do we do this? By looking at how we act, listen, question, and treat people, we can build a stronger approach to how we do digital PR.


About Hannah

Hannah is a digital marketer training to become a mental health nurse. She’s been working (mostly) agency side for 10 years and has specialised in content and digital PR. This year she completed her counselling skills diploma, and will be starting a year 2 entry to an MSc in Nursing (Mental Health) in autumn 2020.

In her spare time, Hannah offers free mentoring sessions to her marketing peers, and gives people a safe space to talk in confidence. She has spoken at conferences such as BrightonSEO and the Content Marketing Show, and became Shine Bootcamp alumna in 2019.

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Digital PR Fails – What can you do when your campaign goes sideways?

If you missed our PR fails webinar, then here’s your chance to catch up!

As an industry, we’re very good at sharing the campaigns that generate great results, but we’re not so open about the campaigns that don’t go to plan, and whilst it’s natural to only highlight the good, I think digital PR agencies especially need to be more open publicly that not all campaigns are successful and therefore better manage client expectations.

To get a mixture of perspectives, we invited three industry experts – Bethanie Dennis from AGY47, Nathan Abbott from Kaizan and Rebecca Moss from JBH to share their experiences of campaigns that didn’t go to plan and how they responded.

The webinar covers:

  • Examples of digital PR campaigns that went sideways
  • How to address that conversation with clients / management
  • How to keep team morale high when campaigns go wrong
  • The importance of managing stakeholder expectations
  • The key components to a successful campaign
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Own the Crisis: Top Confidence Tips for Digital PRs

If you missed our webinar with the awesome Kirsty Hulse you can catch up here!

This really is a must-watch for anyone working in digital PR, as Kirsty Hulse and I discussed the challenges we face in the digital PR industry and how it’s easy to let the current situation knock your confidence.

Kirsty shared her tips on:

  • How to handle rejection
  • How to be more resilient by reframing the situation
  • How to build up your self esteem by keeping a victory log (my personal favourite)
  • How to feel and act more confident

It’s important to remember that what we do is difficult at the best of times, so remind yourself that you’re doing a good job and give yourself a pat on the back!

We hope the webinar gives you the boost you deserve 💪


About Kirsty:
Kirsty Hulse is a successful business owner and coach, working with global companies to develop effective leadership programs. Having worked with global brands such as IBM, Virgin Atlantic and Avis she has a wealth of real-world corporate experience which she brings to her training. She is an accomplished keynote speaker and travels across the globe speaking to audiences of thousands about women’s leadership, business disruption and collaboration.

She is accredited with the Neuroleadership Institute in brain-based coaching and is an expert in organisational neuroscience, using scientific evidence to support her corporate work and experience. She is also a standup comedian, having run a sold-out one-woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe festival in 2016, and brings this passion for humour into her work. Her previous book, “The Future is Freelance” was a finalist in the Start-Up inspiration category in the Business Book Awards.