Digital PR Webinars

4th August 2020 – 1pm

Lockdown may be lifting, but redundancies remain an active threat, with some of the UK’s biggest media titles announcing deep cuts to newsrooms.

Now, more than ever, we must be sure our work is adding value to a journalist and not making their working lives even more difficult. “What Journalists Want: Post Lockdown Edition” will examine how we can make sure our pitches are relevant in this tumultuous time.

18th August 2020 – 1pm

If you’re new to the digital PR / SEO industry you may get given a lot of advice, but which is worth listening to and which is just bullshit?

To find out, we will be joined by Alex Hickson who with over a year of experience in the industry will be sharing some of the well-intended advice he has been given – good and bad – and advising on how you can cut through the bullshit and learn from others.

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