Content Marketing
We create a wide variety of award-winning content that amps up your message, drives traffic and makes people sit up and pay attention.

What if people looked forward to hearing from your brand? Content marketing is the belief that if we deliver valuable information to people, we will be rewarded with their business and loyalty. Instead of pitching our products or services, we create things people are genuinely interested in and position ourselves as experts. Disruptive content marketing keeps your industry moving forward. It’s great for your bottom line – and your customers. At JBH we help you get better results with your content while having more fun.

Content marketing services

Content Creation

Our expert content team craft high-impact features, articles, social posts, infographics, surveys, video content, interactives, eBooks & more that increase visibility and resonate with targeted audiences across multiple devices and platforms.

Digital PR

Our unique digital PR process helps us find newsworthy angles to give your link-building campaigns an edge. We create relevant content and hit digital media sites with the stories they didn’t know they were missing.

Content for Social

Great content that goes unshared is a waste. Our content marketing is optimised for social interactions to build brand and product affinity, generate social signals for SEO and get people clicking.

Content for SEO

The content marketing we create is optimised for search engines to drive traffic directly through SERPs. Using SEO insights and keyword data we approach creative content development with search opportunities in mind.