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Keep Up With the Kardashians on Instagram

Written by Jane Hunt

Kardashians Instagram

So much do Instagram and the Kardashians go hand that it seems like it would be impossible for one to exist without the other. A bit of a chicken and egg situation. To say that the ladies are good at Instagram is almost an insult to their greatness. Of course they’re good at it! They’re better than anyone! But this is a marketing blog. We want their secrets. What real, actionable lessons can your brand take from the Kardashians? Let’s really break it down…


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Let’s start with the queen of Instagram herself. At last year’s Forbes conference, Kim had this to say:

“It’s such a struggle. It really is. Is people think you just post and it’s so easy – it’s not. I like my Instagram to look a certain way.”

She certainly does. Kim’s Instagram feed is a work of art – polished and curated to within an inch of its life while mysteriously retaining her winning authenticity.

In many ways, she’s the ultimate influencer. With each sponsored post racking up likes and comments in the millions and products reportedly selling out practically as soon as a product drops, Kimmy K’s Instagram is a machine as well-oiled as her backside.

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Key lesson: Pick a strong look and stick with it From never-before-seen family pics to ads for her own products, sponsored posts for fitness shakes and the occasional internet-breaking nude, Kim keeps her content varied and her aesthetic consistent. Her shots never stray from her dreamy chosen colour palette – lots of nude to match her lipgloss and silver to match her glorious hair. This essentially means that she can experiment with her content while staying on-brand.


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Mom-ager Kris Jenner is often written off as being not that “into” Instagram but dig a little deeper and you’ll see that she is actually an evil genius. Happy to appear laid-back and uninterested in Insta-stardom, it seems that she might be getting her daughters to do her dirty work i.e. post her incredible bikini snaps. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (remember when a very advanced 2-year old North “posted” all those bikini snaps of Kim?)

Key lesson: be authentic and positive Kris is a gran and it shows. In the heavily edited, polished world of Instagram, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The woman is a ball of light – genuine in her adoration of her children, authentic in the artlessness of her feed and savvy in her promotion of her businesses – most notably Keeping Up with the Kardashians itself. Even when our favourite guilty pleasure isn’t on TV, Kris is there with a candid video shot of the family and a caption: “We’ll be back with a brand new Keeping Up on Feb 11!! In the meantime… here’s a reminder of how sweet and kind my girls are… lol!!! Thanks.” She is ON IT. Keep your followers up to date and remind them of what is to come. Even if you have no news, post a throwback to create engagement. 3,897,854 views can’t be wrong.

Khloe & Kourtney

💜 Cherry Blossoms and Tea for baby number three 💜 #KKW

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Kourtney is perhaps the quietest Kardashian on Instagram but has clearly recognised that there is power in numbers.

Key lesson 1: Join forces Whether you are sisters or two brands with a shared audience, working together works. Following the launch of their joint brand with their own clothing store and TV show, Khloe and Kourtney consistently promote one another, thus resulting in a much larger audience base.

Kourtney focuses on sharing family snaps and promoting their TV show and most recently teasers for her app. Without providing a link, the caption will say something like, “leather vibes, on my app.” This prompts intrigued followers to research and download. While Khloe’s posts appear to be innocent, personal and family-focused at face value, the captions reveal that EVERY post is promoting something from the Kardashian empire.

Key lesson 2: Give them a striptease (not like that, though) Play hard to get. Don’t put everything on a plate for your followers -tease them with intriguing snippets. If they want more, they have to sign up and provide you with their details. It’s a win-win.

Kylie & Kendall

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The infamous Kendall ‘hair hearts’ was the most liked image on Instagram in 2015. People all over the world were recreating it. Then Kylie took her sister’s crown and got the most likes on Instagram by announcing the name of her new baby daughter (Stormi). Having kept her pregnancy secret she then posted a ridiculously viral video, documenting her journey. The internet went WILD.

Key tip: Make an entrance If you want to compete with the Kardashians this one is essential. Don’t be afraid of controversy, don’t be afraid to make an entrance. If you fail, you might just fail spectacularly – a la Kendall for Pepsi. We’re still talking about it, aren’t we?

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Post published on Tuesday March 20, 2018

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