Help! My Content is Turning into a Dinosaur!

Help! My Content is Turning into a Dinosaur!

Lauren Harrison

Left to gather dust at the back of your blog, even the most successful content can start to feel a bit prehistoric. Here we give you the what, why and how of upcycling your best work.

In an industry ruled by up-to-the-minute freshness and relevance you’d be forgiven for feeling the pressure to constantly be pumping out new material. But what about all the great stuff you’ve already got sitting in your back catalogue?

Innovation and thought leadership drive our industry forward – but that doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel with each and every piece of content. Recycling past ideas turns you into your own greatest resource.

Don’t let your strongest work fossilise – give it a sense of repurpose.


Why should I repurpose?

If a piece of content works well and resonates with your audience recycling it should be a no-brainer. You know what you’re talking about and you’ve already done most of the work. All that remains is making sure that a) your content can stand the test of time and b) it is accessible to everyone who might benefit or be interested in it.

Everyone enjoys and digests content differently. Some of us enjoy reading blog posts, some prefer a podcast while driving and a beautifully-crafted interactive. Repurposing content means appealing to new and more diverse audiences and extending your reach.

Then there’s the main reason. Let’s be honest – sometimes we’re just too busy with all our other projects to create new stuff. Repurposing is a great way to make sure you don’t lose momentum.


What should I repurpose?

Most of us have at least some quality vintage content stored away. Among the content hanging in the JBH Hall of Fame we have our infographic on The World’s Most Dangerous Roads, our post on 5 Killer Content Marketing Blogs and The State of Travel Marketing 2015 roundup produced in association with Smart Insights.

Chances are you probably know exactly which pieces of content have brought you the most success in the past – and Google Analytics can tell you the rest.

It’s important to tread with caution, even when choosing from your greatest hits. Information is constantly shifting and some content quickly passes its sell-by-date. Ditch quality content specifically about Napster, edit and update quality content which merely mentions it.


How should I repurpose?

Promoting strong content is a bit like opening a bottle of fizz – an explosion of activity in the beginning followed by some gentle fizzing. Shake it up by experimenting with new mediums.

Perhaps the most straightforward thing you can do is blog about your non-blog content. In addition to driving traffic, blogs showcase your industry knowledge and are easy to promote as well as read and share. Ideally you would be starting with a different medium (eg. an infographic, a study, a podcast) but you could even repurpose a blog into another blog with a few minor adjustments. It’s worth remembering that blog posts are particularly time-sensitive so they are unlikely to give you any more longevity the second time around.

Remember that virtually any piece of content can be transformed into virtually anything else. Possible combos include but are not limited to:

Multiple blog posts on same topic > ebook
Ebook > podcast
Podcast > blog post
Webinar > video tutorial
Statistics > series of social media posts
Internal data > case study
Visual content > Pinterest board

And so on. poignant, useful information never goes out of style. Don’t sit back and watch your most ferocious content become extinct.