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#ThrowbackThursday: JBH Vs. Food

Written by Lauren Harrison

It’s #ThrowbackThursday and to kick off 15 weeks of our favourite campaigns I’ll be reflecting on my personal fave – a simple yet gloriously satisfying interactive we created with BuyAGift back in the day.

Cast your mind back to 2014. It was a simpler time: Obama was president, Ellen Degeneres was taking world-class selfies at the Oscars and Adam Richman was still on our screens, scarfing down mountains of oysters and 10lb breakfast burritos – inspiring my fave JBH infographic ever …

This “Get Stuffed” infographic was the first campaign I ever worked on for JBH and it was a copywriter’s dream. The concept was easy as pie: an interactive chalkboard filled with the UK’s biggest (and often grossest) eating challenges.

The Brief

BuyAGift were looking to secure some top-tier links with an interactive infographic that would pass on value to their gifts for men page. Beyond that, the brief was quite open. As the focus was on man-friendly content we seized the opportunity to create something outrageous and fun.

Our interactive infographic took man culture to the extreme. With Man vs. Food-style American eating challenges trending across British TV, we thought we’d carry out an investigation to find out if there were any similar challenges available across the UK. We weren’t disappointed. Research took us from trash can challenges to big daddy burgers and curries with nicknames like “The Widower”.

The Interactive

The key to a good interactive is simplicity. I immediately loved the pared-back restaurant-style chalkboard layout dreamed up by the design and dev teams. To make the infographic truly interactive the guys incorporated two sets of filters – one set based on the type of challenge (“Meat,” “Heat,” and “Compete”) and the other relating to the the level of the challenge (“Noob”, “Novice” or “ Pro”). Users were able to apply whichever filters they were interested in and navigate around the challenges – those which did not apply were “rubbed out” on the chalkboard so they were only half visible.

I loved being able to have fun with the copy – conceptual stuff is my favourite, even if I tend to get carried away with a theme …

JBH #ThrowbackThursday

The client was delighted with the finished product. We had a really positive response from journalists and the campaign was featured on HuffPost, Zoo and the Daily Star. Most importantly, it helped the client hit their objectives, generating digital coverage and boosting the profile of the “Gifts for Men” page.

Ok, I’m starving now. See you next week, #ThrowbackThursday fans!

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Post published on Thursday April 19, 2018