If Content Marketing Was On Tinder [INFOGRAPHIC]

If Content Marketing Was On Tinder [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Committing to a content strategy can feel like a lot of pressure. What if it doesn’t work out? What if you want to get it on with research and influencer campaigns at the same time? Our new content marketing dating “app” lets you quickly swipe through potential content matches for your brand with zero commitment. Give it a swipe.


Content Marketing Tinder

Need help putting together a sexy campaign? We’re experts in influencers, digital pr campaigns, infographics and lots more. Get in touch and let’s Netflix and chill.



If Content Marketing Was On Tinder

Meet your match

Looking to experiment with hot content, but feeling a bit shy? Our content marketing dating “app” lets you quickly swipe through potential content matches for your brand with zero commitment. Whether you’re looking for hit-it-and-quit-it fun or a more long-lasting relationship, ogle their profiles, check out those vital statistics and decide whether you want to swipe left or right.

Influencer Campaign, 27

So hot I’ll make you look good. Simple and honest with a great social life, I’m looking for a relationship with someone I actually care about. If all you want is a quick fling, make the most of me. I don’t always last that long.

70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of influencers (Collective Bias)

Live Streaming, 23

Quick, casual flings only. Can be a bit of a tease. (Audience) size definitely matters. When it comes to content – the richer you are, the more I’ll do.

80% of brand audiences would rather watch live video than read a blog (Live Stream)

Blog, 32

Soulful, honest and real. I like photography, great writing and entertaining guests. I’m pretty sassy and have been told I’m great at helping people look at things another way. If you want some action I need to connect on a deeper level.

Marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those who do not (HubSpot)

Podcast, 31

Smart is the new sexy. Energetic and funny with plenty to say, don’t be fooled by appearances. I’m a great travel, work and working out partner, but take me to bed and I’ll really teach you a thing or two.

85% of people listen to all or most of a podcast (Convince and Convert)

Infographic, 26

The perfect mix of beauty and brains. Sharp, elegant and to the point, I like things to look a certain way. I’m not big on conversation – don’t feel like you need to tell me your life story. Remember, it’s always the quiet ones …

Infographics are 30x more likely to be read than a text article (Hallam Internet)

Longform, 34

The kind of content you’ll want to bring home to Mum and Dad, then devour in private. I may look serious, but I’m far from boring. Smart, funny, edgy and a bit of a heartbreaker. Added bonus: I’m very flexible.

Data suggests that the “ideal” post takes about 7 minutes to read (Marketing Land)

Original Research, 28

I’m rich, original, intelligent – the real deal. I don’t like to brag but hooking up with me every once in a while will boost your reputation and get others to take you seriously.

People engage with data or complex information more when made visual (Moz)

Social Video, 22

A bit of a joker – I’ll make you laugh, make you cry and teach you new skills and interesting facts. Irresistible and guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Feel free to share me with your friends 😉

Video will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 (CIM)


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