Use interactive content to sky rocket your content marketing

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How you can use interactive content to skyrocket your marketing strategy

Written by Jane Hunt

Use interactive content to sky rocket your content marketing

You can’t escape advertising these days. Every site you visit, all the social media feeds you scroll through, someone is trying to advertise something to you.


Using Interactive content is a great way to break through the noise of all the other advertisements and get your audience’s attention

What is Interactive content?

Interactive content is content that requires the participants’ active engagement. By participating the user gets real-time, relevant results that they care about. It’s content that’s created to be played with and demands your audience’s undivided attention.


How can interactive content boost your marketing strategy?


Keep users attention

Human attention spans are getting shorter and shorter with the average attention span now being shorter than that of a goldfish!

Interactive content keeps users involved and can help you hold their attention for a more extended period of time.


Higher engagement

Interactive content adds value, so users are more willing to share it or give up their email addresses to experience it. It can be immensely helpful in lead generation campaigns and in generating traffic to your website.


Build trust

There is so much content out there that for you to stand out, you have to do something special – and interactive content can help you achieve that. It also provides a better user experience to your customers, helping them remember your brand and have positive associations with it.



Users have higher expectations than ever – 74 per cent of customers feel frustrated when content is not personalised for them. Interactive content means users are putting in their own information which will give them customised and personalised results.


Types of Interactive Content


Interactive Infographics

An interactive infographic is a content type takes a conventional infographic but adds an interactive element. This then creates a dialogue between you and your audience making for more engaging content.


Interactive infographic for


Creating and sharing an infographic that generates good organic results can be tough. But, they are one of the most popular forms of content, being shared 3 times more than any other content on social media.

With an Interactive infographic, you could reach even more people as they let you give each and every user a unique, personalised experience.

Interested in learning how Interactive Infographics could help your business? Check out our Interactive Content case study.


PDFs and ebooks

Ebooks and PDFs have been a part of many businesses content marketing strategy for a long time – the problem with them is that over the years they’ve not really changed and so users can often find them boring.

Adding an interactive element to ebooks and PDFs can capture your audience’s attention and create higher conversion rates.

They give you the opportunity to provide long-form content, that adds value and educates users. Plus, they do all this without having your audience drop off before they finish the piece of content because you weren’t able to hold their attention.



You’ve probably interacted with loads of interactive content online but if there is one everyone has done it’s a Buzzfeed quiz.


Interactive content - buzzfeed quiz


Not only do quizzes like this hook in users you can also use them to share other content with participants and urge the users to share their results on social media.


Interactive content is a great way to engage your audience and show them something new that they will remember.


Keeping pace with the latest content marketing trends isn’t easy so to keep up check out our list of exceptional content marketing thought leaders to follow.

Post published on Tuesday August 7, 2018

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