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#ThrowbackThursday : Teamoji Campaign

Written by JBH


2017 was an amazing year for us – some great client wins and our first gold award at the International Content Marketing Awards in October. Earlier this month we won our second gold award at The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Excellence Ceremony – it was our most recent success that caused us to reminisce over some of the other campaigns we’ve worked on over the years.

This week’s throwback – Teamoji Campaign

Why we wanted to work on this campaign 

We often admire and discuss marketing campaigns from across the globe and we’d seen some great emoji-led campaigns from the likes of Dominos, Norwegian Air, McDonald’s, PETA and Taco Bell. This led us to look at how we could create a fun campaign that would appeal to a wide audience.


PETA Emoji Campaign

Source: PETA

Norwegian Air Emoji Campaign

Source: Norwegian Air

Dominos Emoji Campaign

Source: Dominos

After researching how to submit requests for a new emoji (to Unicode), we began speaking to a number of tea retailers and gathered feedback on how this emoji should look. We then created the petition page and began working with a number of influencers who were all passionate about afternoon tea and shared our vision for the ‘teamoji’!

How did ‘afternoon tea’ come about and why is it so ‘British’?  

So many of us love afternoon tea, but have no idea how and why the trend started … that was until we created this fun infographic (below) which illustrates the story of afternoon tea, using emojis!


JBH Teamoji History

BBC Radio and Press  

Our campaign was featured across a number of afternoon tea websites, as well as the Express national newspaper. We were also invited to talk about the campaign on BBC Radio, we discussed the rise of emojis and why they’re becoming part of our daily life.

A super fun campaign which is still ongoing

This campaign has had some wonderful coverage and the petition is still ticking along one year later! If you love tea and use emojis on a daily basis, why not help us out and give the link a click and sign the petition! ? (I love tea and think it’d be great to have a teamoji!)

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Post published on Thursday May 3, 2018