Content marketing influencers 2018

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The Top 13 Content Marketing Influencers to follow

Written by Jane Hunt

Content marketing influencers 2018

From automation and artificial intelligence to video and voice search, the world of content marketing is increasingly advanced and encompasses an abundance of contrasting components.

Keeping pace with the latest trends isn’t easy, especially when the preferences and behaviours of online audiences change as quickly as the tools and techniques at your disposal.

So, to stay relevant, it makes sense to follow and befriend marketing’s most exceptional thought leaders. Not only will this list of content marketing influencers (in no particular order) provide you with expert insights, they may even endorse and share your own content.

1. Lee Odden
CEO, TopRank Marketing

“Don’t fall for the ‘influence = popularity’ myth. Customers want to see more than just famous talking heads. Focusing solely on popularity drives awareness, but not engagement or conversions.” This quote alone tells you everything you need to know about Lee Odden. A leading voice that loves to spread his message far and wide.

2. Roberto Blake
Creative Entrepreneur and YouTuber

Roberto Blake is part of a new wave of marketers. Head over to his YouTube channel for a cavalcade of exciting and engaging content aimed at motivating and educating fellow creatives. If you require assistance with your video marketing efforts, Roberto is your man.

3. Oli Gardner
Co-Founder, Unbounce

Work and life go hand-in-hand for Oli Gardner. One minute he is giving his hot take on the latest content marketing trend, the next he is requesting consumer advice or complaining about the state of the airline industry. A Twitter bio that reads “perpetually pissed off about shitty marketing” speaks volumes about his passion for betterment.

4. Joe Chernov
Chief Marketing Officer, Insightsquared

For shrewd content marketing opinion combined with sharp-witted observations about everyday life, give Joe Chernov a follow. Recognised as an influential marketer by both the Content Marketing Institute and Adweek, he’s informative and entertaining in equal measure.

5. Ann Smarty
Founder of MyBlogU and TwChat

A never-ending stream of useful resources and thought-provoking titbits, Ann Smarty’s Twitter feed is bound to inform your content marketing activity. Her extensive résumé of previous projects and current commitments is a testament to Anna’s enthusiasm for all things marketing.

6. Jennifer Polk
Research Director at Gartner for Marketers

Free of the frills that many marketers use to attract followers Jennifer’s feed blasts snippets of helpful information for marketers of all kinds. She specialises in digital commerce and the lessons she shares will help you boost your marketing career to the next level.

7. Michael Troiano
Venture Capitalist 

A venture capitalist and marketing expert whose twitter feed brings killer tips for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. Mikes feed keeps it real with none of that pretentious nonsense you get from some content marketers. He has sat at the big table and is bringing his experience back to help you succeed, you really get the sense that Mike is someone who will always be looking out for the little guy.

8. Sonia Simone

To find out how women are ruling the digital marketing space you need to follow @soniasimone. Her quick-witted and sometimes a little bit snarky comments will be sure to catch your attention in your busy feed. The leader of Copyblogger she has a ton of original and helpful insights that she shares with her audience about copywriting and SEO.

9. Lisa Loeffler
Digital Marketing Director at Nimble

Marketers can often sound like broken records sharing posts like ‘beginners guide to [insert buzzword here] and how to reach [ridiculous number here] social media followers. Lisa explores exciting topics with authentic insights making her feed a breath of fresh air against the tons of spam out there.

10. Nadine Dietz
Host of @CMOMoves

Her podcast gets personal with CMOs and other leaders from some game-changing companies like Microsoft and Spotify. In just 140 characters she shares some top-notch wisdom with her followers that will help give you the edge in your career.

11. Ashley Norris
Content Creator at The Content Marketing Association

Ashley’s feed spans a wide variety of topics from marketing startups, tech & media to vegan food and 60s films. Working at the Content Marketing Association has given him a range of knowledge and skills and his tweets are definitely worth a read.

12. Michelle Garrett
Freelance writer

Michelle Garrett is a public relations consultant whose work has been published on Entrepreneur, Forbes, Meltwater just to name a few. She has been working in PR for over 20 years and accumulated a wealth of knowledge making her feed well worth keeping an eye on.

13. Ann Handley
Head of Content at MarketingProfs and WSJ bestselling author

An obvious yet essential choice, Ann Handley is one of the most experienced and adept marketers in the world. Along with “waging a war on mediocrity in content marketing,” she also professes a passion for making complex subjects more accessible.


Trying to find great content in the 6,000 tweets sent per second can be a frustrating task but following these top content marketing influencers is guaranteed to make things more interesting as you scroll.

If these guys and their thousands of followers seems a bit intimidating to you, don’t fret,  they all had zero followers when they started. If you’re looking for ways to improve your brand’s online presence, read our Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Fitness in 2018.

Post published on Wednesday July 11, 2018

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