How the blockchain in changing content mar

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How blockchain is changing content marketing

Written by Jane Hunt

How the blockchain in changing content mar

When you think of the blockchain you immediately think of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. While this is the most commonly reported use of the technology, as it was invented as a decentralised ledger for the currency, there are loads of other applications for it – including content marketing.


What is the blockchain?

The blockchain is one of those inventions like the car – you don’t need to know how it works to use it. But, as marketers having some basic knowledge of how the tech works can help you apply it in the best way.

Invented by someone (or someones) under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, the blockchain is one of the most significant technological innovations of the last decade.

The blockchain is a digital ledger that cannot be corrupted. It is a public log in which data between users is stored in a secure, verifiable and permanent way – making it unhackable.

Once a record is in the blockchain, it cannot be altered or deleted and can be made available for anyone to see. Each new transaction or addition to the ledger gets stacked on top of the last making it impossible to hack as you would need to access millions of databases. This provides an accurate and accountable ledger for data where no one person or entity is in control.

Still confused about the blockchain? Check out this great TED talk by Don Tapscott.


How does the blockchain effect content marketing?

Content marketing has evolved a lot over the last decade. From ads and articles in magazines and newspapers to SEO, video content, blog posts and more. These days almost all the content marketing we do is digital, allowing us to instantly access our audience and reach new customers. Online content also has better analytics, giving us an understanding of our customers so we can keep creating content they love.

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That doesn’t mean that content marketing doesn’t have its issues though. Plagiarism, fake news and low-quality content are rife on the internet and lead to misinformation circling social media and websites.


Fake News

Content marketing: Blockchain can help stop the spread of fake news


As the blockchain is entirely secure It can be used to tackle the issue of Fake News. Fake news can be disproven by tracing back statements and data to their original sources. By looking at the facts that have been presented from the source you can have confidence in the legitimacy of any articles or news you wish to share online.



Content marketers all know the pain of spending hours labouring over a campaign only to have it copied and published by someone else. While there are some ways to deal with this and Google can penalise duplicate content, often by the time it is published, the damage is already done and your time and work will not see the results you were hoping for.

Content creators who use the blockchain will no longer have to dispute the origin of their work or worry about someone plagiarising it as the block will show where the content came from and serve as proof that the content creator was the original author.



The way the blockchain keeps track of all changes makes it useful for reviewing the type and amount of engagement a piece of content gets. Although there are loads of great analytics tools out there, the data you would get from the blockchain would be far more detailed and accurate, giving you a more precise direction to go in on future pieces of content.



Most content marketers have probably spent some of their campaign budgets on paid ads before. When you set up your ads, you usually pick a demographic of people who you want your ads to be shown to – choosing from things like gender, age, location and interests.


You may have wondered a few times when doing this if you can be sure that your ad is actually being shown to these people. The ad networks own the placements of where the ads are, so there is no way for you to be 100% sure that your ads are getting in front of your desired audience.


Once the blockchain enters paid ad space and is used to re-broker ads, you will be able to track the placement of ads as well as verify that they are going in front of the audience you have targeted.


The Future

The blockchain is still a relatively new technology and is only just starting to be used by many industries and in the process revolutionising how they work. Content marketing is no exception – as blockchain continues to develop it will likely be adopted by more and more marketer who want to use the safe network to put out trustworthy content with facts that can be traced back to their original source.


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Post published on Friday August 24, 2018