#WalkersWave: The Latest Brand to Make a Hash of its Hashtag Marketing

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Come on brands, we’ve been over this.

We know that not all people are nice. We know that people like to make fun of you on the internet. We’ve established that whether you like it or not, people are going to use your innovative hashtags for evil.

You don’t have to make it quite so easy for them.

The latest brand to fall prey to ill-conceived hashtag campaign, a PR stunt by Walkers Crisps has backfired spectacularly.

For its new #WalkersWave UGC campaign, fans were asked to tweet the brand pics of themselves – after which an video of Gary Lineker holding the photo appears automatically.

Users who get involved are in with a chance of winning Championship League tickets.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well …



Hashtag marketing at its finest. Oh Twitter, never change.