Valentine’s Online

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Digital marketing has more in common with dating than you might think. You start by trying to get their attention with a pick-up line (or headline). Get it right and you’ll strike up a conversation. After that it’s all about showing you care while taking things at the right pace (don’t blurt out “I love you” on the second date, it will only make things awkward).

In a new infographic, we take a look at how consumers are using technology to deal with Valentine’s Day in 2017.



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Valentine’s Online

Consumer Behaviour 2017

Valentine’s Day and marketing go hand-in-hand – in fact, some cynics argue that Valentine’s Day is the most successful marketing project of all time!

As more of us turn to the internet to avoid the last-minute gas station bouquet, February’s lovefest drives ever more surprising consumer behaviour online.

With technology to help us navigate every stage of the romantic dance, what does Valentine’s Day look like in 2017?

From happiness to heartbreak, take a romantic stroll with us as we explore Valentine’s Day consumer behaviour in the digital age.

Total Valentine’s Day sales 2016: $19.7 billion


The Valentine

How are people finding their special someone?

A recent Chillisauce survey asked men, “Have you ever asked someone to be your Valentine?”

No – 68%

Yes – 32%
Digital romance isn’t limited to dating – in another survey, 15% of women said they wanted their man to pop the question using a digital device.

Hot Tip: Follow the lead of sci-fi movie Ex Machina and hit the 18-34 niche with ads on Tinder.  


The Conversation

What are consumers saying online?

89% of Valentine’s-related Facebook posts in 2016 were from mobile.

More than half of the Valentine’s conversations on Facebook took place on the day itself.

Although according to Facebook Insights women drove the overall conversation on FB, it seems that men have a lot to say too …


What do women talk about?



Date Night





What do men talk about?



Date Night

How much Valentine’s sucks!


Relationship statuses


The Gift

Get it wrong and you probably won’t get a second date.


How they buy

Average spend:

Men –  $71

Women – $40


Where they buy

Retailers show love with offers – 28% of surveyed retail shoppers in the US said they chose their last purchase channel (in-store, offline, other) due to a special offer available through that channel.


Valentine’s Day mobile search increased from from 40% in 2015 to 48%

Hot Tip! Don’t waste your marketing budget on a month-long campaign. 46% of consumers say they’ll start shopping for Valentine’s Day in early February.




The Single Life

It’s not all about being in a couple


When people search for “Valentine’s Day Gifts for …” on

17% type “boyfriend”

20% type “friend”



19% of Americans give Valentine’s Day gifts to pets.

$681 million – total Valentine’s Day gifts spent on pets.



“If you were single, would you use an online dating service like Tinder or to find a Valentine?”


Yes 17%

No 83%

In 2017 you can find a date, send them a card, buy a gift, order a meal and ‘Netflix and chill’ without ever leaving your sofa. IRL seduction is becoming less and less popular.

But just because Valentine’s has moved with the times, does that mean that it’s any less real? Love is love, whatever the century.