This Week’s Hottest Content Marketing News

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Jane Hunt presents: This Week’s Hottest Content Marketing News


NBCUniversal to invest $250 million in BuzzFeed


perettiAs claimed by a Re/code report, NBCUniversal (NBCU) has a “handshake” investment agreement with BuzzFeed to the tune of $250 billion. If it goes through, the content publishing platform will be valued at $1.5 billion.

In many respects this is not a surprise, as the Wall Street Journal recently reported that NBCU was talking to multiple online media companies because it wanted to target more millennial audiences.

Re/code went on to say that another motivation for the investment is so “NBCU can get a crash course on digital content and distribution,” as younger viewers are increasingly tuning out of its TV networks. NBCU is also looking to invest in online publisher Vox Media too.


Customisation lessons from Star Wars and Adidas’ collaboration


shoeIn recent years, customisation and DIY (design-it-yourself) has been a big consumer trend, especially with trainers. And while the speciality shoe market isn’t as big as it once was, a collaboration between Star Wars and Adidas proves that plenty of opportunities still exist.

Ahead of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, Adidas has launched the “mi star wars” line, which enables consumers to create their own unique trainers using various colours, prints, and logos.

In the opinion of, limited edition products can deliver impressive returns, but smaller brands might struggle to implement this strategy successfully. It advises to make sure the necessary funds and human resources are available, to limit the design possibilities for fear of vitriol or offensive imagery, and to keep quantities limited, otherwise your product won’t entice or tempt customers to buy. 


How the financial industry is using content marketing


evolution-content-marketing-finance-whitepaper-cover-183x230Even though content marketing is not a new or novel strategy for the financial industry, some brands and institutions are finding it difficult to target customers through this technique.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, audiences are no longer responding to one-size-fits-all approaches and they can’t be defined as simply business finance or personal finance consumers. What’s more, the heavily regulated nature of the financial industry is an ongoing challenge for marketers too.

But with its white paper, The Evolution of Content Marketing in the Finance Industry: Research and Lessons Learned sponsored by Imagination, the Content Marketing Institute has come up with some potential answers. These include becoming an unexpected solution through social activity, adapting to a changing marketplace via new online platforms, and making it fun with entertaining content mediums.