This Week’s Hottest Content Marketing News – 4 September

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Jane Hunt presents: This Week’s Hottest Content Marketing News


Microsoft teams up with 25 top influencers to promote its Surface brand


BP1As we all know, collaborating with notable online influencers can give your brand an extremely big boost, especially if you have a young audience brought up in the digital age. To exploit these impressionable adolescents, Microsoft recently teamed up with 25 top UK bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers to promote its Surface brand.

The #DoAnything Career Advice video was timed to coincide with recent university graduates as well as GCSE students that had just received their results. However, as opposed to simply taking advantage of youthful influencer impact, there was in fact a great deal of method behind Microsoft’s approach.

Through research, it found out things like a third of 18-24-year-olds want to be their own boss in their future career but also that they don’t have a clear idea of what they plan to do after leaving full time education.


Business Insider shuns conventional website in favour of social media


BP2Despite the fact most brands and businesses are completely reliant on their website to succeed online, Business Insider believes that social media alone can sometimes suffice. It’s general-interest publication “Insider” recently launched on Facebook and Twitter, but doesn’t have a website.

Although the move is an attempt to “deliver to you where you already are, when you want it,” there are various advantages to this approach. First of all, Twitter Cards and Facebook’s Instant Articles mean that there is no need to click through to a publisher’s website. Also, videos play natively on both these social networks with the greatest of ease and are often much more seamless than a website embed.

There is every chance Insider will still launch a dedicated website, but it just goes to show how the way we publish and consume content is changing.


Move over written-word content, podcasts are coming through


BP3While Copyblogger is quick to point out that podcasts won’t replace the written word in the near future, as there is a time and place for both, it does highlight the extensive advantages that audio content affords.

In a blog post, it says that podcasts can be consumed whenever and virtually wherever you want. In fact, there is “no other media that is as portable as a podcast, or as easy to consume while otherwise occupied.”

Copyblogger still fights for the written-word’s corner and says that this type of content has easy to consume information, links to additional resources, interactive visuals on-page, social sharing buttons, and many more beneficial features. However, the plus points it does raise about podcasts should be taken seriously by brands wanting to increase engagement levels with consumers.