This Month’s Hottest Content Marketing News: November

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As a weird autumn turns into winter, we look back at November’s Hottest Content Marketing News.

November certainly didn’t disappoint when it picked up the baton for 2016, with another month of extraordinary news stories coming to the fore. The world of content marketing also witnessed several goings on, as several brands reacted to the US election (see our post here) before turning their attention to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the upcoming festive season. But what other stories grabbed the content headlines in November?


The potential of podcasting for bands

Of all the content mediums at a brand’s disposal, podcasts are probably quite far down on the list. But an article by Rob Walker for The New York Times reveals how General Electric has managed to achieve nearly five million downloads and the No. 1 position on the iTunes podcast chart.

The nearest certain brands will go to podcasting is sponsorship. However, this well-established yet increasingly popular audio format has huge marketing potential, as long as you can create something of value to your audience.

General Electric is doing just that with science fiction and drama series through the Panoply podcasting network, which distributes and helps create “sponsor content.” So far, it has produced more than 100 episodes of custom podcast series for brands like Purina, Umpqua Bank, Prudential, and Starbucks.

Read more about sponsor content and General Electric’s story here.


‘Brandalism’ group stages London Underground takeover

Some say that print advertising isn’t as influential or effective as it once was, but try telling that to ‘brandalism’ activists calling themselves the Special Patrol Group (SPG). They claim that advertising is a form of ‘visual pollution that is harmful for the public’ and have taken to the London Underground to prove their point.

Pictures have been taken of tube trains featuring posters that claim “advertising s***s on your head” and “the visual realm is a public realm.” The SPG say they have altered 400 ads with a series of four ‘subverts’ looking to explain its way of thinking.

Although the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has previously said that adverts putting Londoners under pressure over body image will be banned from the tube and bus network, the SPG want a blanket ban on outdoor advertising, or at least a set of restrictions.

Discover more about the SPG’s actions, its manifesto, and previous protests.


Budweiser pay homage to Cubs announcer after World Series win

Even if you’re not a fan of baseball or sport in general, only those with a heart made of stone would be unmoved by the Chicago Cubs World Series triumph after a wait of 108 years. But instead of exploiting the situation, Budweiser got it just right according to Marketing Land’s Rachel Lindteigen.

Although its been almost 20 years since legendary Cubs announcer Harry Caray passed away, Budweiser enabled him to call one last game by combining historical audio with present day footage of fans watching and celebrating.

The result was an engaging and emotional video that hardly featured any Budweiser products or advertising, which Lindteigen believes is an important lesson for other brands. “Content marketers, take heed. We have a lot to learn from this standout example of telling a story without making it about the brand.”

Watch Harry Caray’s Last Call video, which has over 3 million views on YouTube