The Social Media Bowl

The Social Media Bowl

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Year upon year, our favourite sites and apps battle it out to be crowned social media champions. Grab your chicken wings, crack open a tall, frosty one and get ready to weep like a little girl – it’s time for the Social Bowl.


Winner: Facebook

People spend 3x longer watching live video than they do regular video

Pioneers of the live and 360 degree video trends, publishers of Facebook Live video are also able to save their memories. Taking the lead from its parent company, Instagram introduced live video to its offering in 2016. The Snapchat-esque Stories feature now lets users stream self-destructing live videos.


Winner: Snapchat

71% of Snapchat users are under the age of 35.

Snapchat users are young. If there’s one thing we know about younger generations (other than that they have phenomenal buying power) it’s that they love a selfie. Snapchat introduced us to the idea of augmented reality with its impressive filters feature (remember the puking rainbows one?). While 2016 saw Facebook roll out a similar tool – it lacks Snapchat’s finesse ATM.





Winner: Instagram

When it comes to the art of the DM, Instagram is a game-changer. Perhaps not so intuitive as Twitter, Instagram makes you send an image in order to start a conversation. What could go wrong? The app that launched a thousand hook-ups, Instagram may have swiped the DM from the tweety bird – but it made the DM its own.


Winner: Snapchat

9,000 snaps are shared on Snapchat every second.

Photos and videos that disappear. Other social networks didn’t think we wanted them but Snapchat knew better. The app’s treatment of user content simultaneously addresses privacy concerns and prompts spontaneity in its users (not all of them naked). Instagram jumped on the bandwagon in November but is yet to be recognised as a real competitor.


Winner: Facebook

As AI technology gets ever more sophisticated, more and more brands are drafting in chatbots to provide a smooth customer service experience via social media. Even though most of us know we’re not actually talking to a person, interactions with these bots are seeming increasingly personalised. Twitter’s bots are pretty great – 2015 saw the launch of tech which allowed customers to order their fave @dominos pizza, simply by tweeting a pizza emoji. Pepperoni aside, Facebook is a clear winner in this department, allowing brands to create their own personal chatbots, automate tasks and receive data. Most customer enquiries can be resolved with no human intervention at all.



If this was a beauty contest, Instagram would win. If we were talking strength alone, behemoth Facebook remains an unstoppable force. But winning the social media game is about more than looks, power or even numbers. Snapchat isn’t just following trends, it’s creating them. Taking social media to the next level, the site’s unique grasp of its young target audience and its emphasis on fun has inspired a host of copycat apps.