The power of infographics – a PR success story

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You probably know this by now, but let’s recap a few of the boons and benefits that infographics provide. In addition to building brand awareness, generating leads and receiving social media shares, they are also great for PR purposes, as this little success story is about to demonstrate.

At JBH, we recently produced an infographic for one of our clients – the American Gaming Association (AGA). Despite talking about highly complex data to do with illegal Super Bowl betting, it was picked up by news and TV sites all over America.


Why exactly? Because infographics are great at helping visualise elaborate facts and figures, whatever they happen to be about.

The data was sourced by the AGA and provided key insights for journalists to use in their own stories. What’s more, it was immensely relevant as it tapped into the trending topic of the Super Bowl and was very well distributed by the client’s PR team to maximise coverage.


In fact, here is a clip from MSNBC and some more information about how this coverage benefitted the AGA. With an estimated audience of 301,882 and an estimated publicity value of $13,131, it is clear to see the power of infographics in action.

So, if you previously thought infographics were simple tools for receiving social media exposure or just an attractive little addition to your existing marketing footprint, then think again.

This infographic success story is a shining example of how they can be picked up by industry influencers or powerful members of the press and receive international exposure.