Integrated Campaigns deliver extra value to the customer.

“Brands and businesses that have a strategy are not only more effective, but also less challenged with every aspect of content marketing”

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Integrated Campaigns

Integrated Campaigns

Thanks to today’s expansive online world, brands are spoilt for choice when it comes to promotion and publicity platforms. And for an increasing number of campaigns, integration across multiple channels is crucial. The problem here is that a lack of time and resources can lead to inconsistency and poor performance.

But here at JBH, we have a wealth of experience in developing online and offline campaigns. Not only do we create content with a consistent design and message, we also make sure it fits each and every communication channel you decide to utilise. Therefore, content will perform to the best of its abilities, no matter where, when and how it reaches your target audience.

All the while, we never lose focus on the importance of ROI, as several brands need to ensure that their integrated campaigns are written for maximum reach and return. For that reason, we also create additional campaign content like videos, infographics and web apps to increase inbound traffic and deliver extra value to the customer.

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