Influencer Marketing & blogger outreach not to be ignored.

“38% of bloggers blog about the brands they love or hate, while 65% follow businesses on social media”


Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Giving out free samples to industry influencers or providing bloggers with unique content has immeasurable benefits for your brand. From a product review that increases exposure to building links and boosting brand reach, both blogger outreach and influencer marketing are techniques that shouldn’t be ignored.

JBH is here to help distribute your products or content to the most influential and important people in your industry. We reach out to our network of journalists and bloggers, with whom we have strong and trusting relationships, to get your brand in front of a relevant and targeted audience. On top of that, we can also create top-notch content that generates organic placements on low-top tier sites, thus enhancing SEO and social media reach.

However, we only work with the best writers in each vertical to that ensure engaging and thought-provoking content, which generates organic placements and referral links, is produced.

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