Design for Digital and Print

“Content precedes design. Design in absence of content is not design, it is decoration”

Jeffrey Zeldman

Design for Digital and Print

Design for Digital and Print

The way we consume information in everyday life is often down to intuitive design. But regardless of whether it is for digital or print, JBH believes creative should be responsive, interactive and above all else, engaging.

Some people like nothing more than to sit down with their favourite magazine and a cup of tea. Others prefer to view information online while engaging with brands and sharing content among friends on multiple devices. But both of these consumption methods are as important as each other and require equal amounts of time and attention.

Therefore, we create with your audience’s likes, dislikes and behaviour in mind. We make sure that opportunities to attract and engage them with high quality content and appealing designs are not wasted. After all, the customer wants to hear from you to learn about new products or brand developments. Intuitive design for both digital and print makes this possible.

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