Content audits can discover content going unread

“30% of Microsoft’s content had never been visited. They wouldn’t have even known about it unless a content strategist had conducted an audit”


Content audit

Content audit

A good content audit will unearth crucial data on your content; what’s being left unread and what’s working overtime? Some of us spend an incredible amount of time, effort and money writing SEO-optimised blog posts, sourcing data for infographics or finding viral videos of kittens. If no one’s looking at it – what’s it all for?

We believe the key to any strong  content marketing strategy is identifying specific goals and recognising the types of content that perform best. Collecting this insight allows you to concentrate on optimising, improving and enhancing the stuff you’re getting right.

The JBH content audit analyses content across all channels as well as the what, when, who and why. You’ll never waste time, effort and money on poor quality content again.

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