Infographic Trends to Master in 2015

3 Infographic Trends to Master in 2015

Infographics have been around for years now, but show no signs of slowing down just yet. They are however, becoming more sophisticated with their content and execution. So, here are 3 trends we predict will be big in 2015.

Infographic trends to master

The non-sales ‘sales’ infographic trend


Those of you who regularly produce infographics know that they shouldn’t be sales pieces, which are only used to promote your products. Instead, they should be useful, practical and engaging for your audience. However, Starbucks has gone and proved us all wrong, demonstrating that infographics can be sales-led and used for promotional gain. Even so, they still have to be informative and more importantly, interesting.

Starbucks sent this gem promoting its new Flat White to customers via email and explained the difference between coffee products currently on the menu!

The Starbucks Espresso Infographic
Infographic trends to master

Interactive Infographic trends


Think of an interactive infographic as a standard data visualisation but on steroids. Pumped full of HTML5, Javascript or CSS3 and refined with UX/UI design, these fully functional infographics enable your audience to benefit from a more absorbing and often personalised user experience.

What’s more, interactive infographics can help you stand out from the crowd and attract digital PR coverage. Just ensure your concept is as strong as your execution if you’re seeking placements, links and shares.

See below for an example of an interactive infographic we produced for our client

The world's most dangerous roads
Infographic trends to master

Video Infographic trend


Seeing as over 6 billion hours of video are watched every month on YouTube, it makes sense for brands to invest in this kind of content. Audiences are craving information from video content right now, so why not merge their love for video with their love for infographics. Not only does watching a video make customers more confident about buying a product, it also dramatically increases the chance of them sharing the content with others.

Sounds like the perfect match, doesn’t it?! And it can be, video infographics needn’t be complex or expensive, they’re simply animated videos featuring data visualisations with the pace to engage and educate your audience.

Check out our Video Infographic for LeadID below.

Lead ID Video Infographic

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