REED Manager of the year Facebook app

Reed Manager of the year

PHP Facebook voting app embedded into Facebook page.



The strategy was to create a fun but relevant Facebook app that encouraged voting, visits to the Manager of the Year website and sharing on social networks. The content was based on nationwide research conducted by REED on the five most popular management styles. The app was supported by Facebook advertising to further increase reach and activate interest in the awards. We designed five daily adverts asking Facebook users which avatar matched their boss’s management style.


The app was designed as a flat-illustrative user-interface enabling access across all platforms. A touch of personality was applied with custom illustrated avatars that reinforced the manager profiles in the research. Animations were applied using JQuery and a database was linked to provide live voting statistics. Social media share options were embedded to encourage social outreach and increase interactions.

REED Manager of the year
REED Manager of the year
REED Manager of the year


The Facebook app generated a 33% increase of new traffic to the Manager of the Year website in the 2 week period it was live.

Our app successfully enabled the client to hit their required targets.



“We were very impressed with the voting Facebook app that JBH designed for our Manager of the Year campaign. They made the process carefree and the design was (as always) creative, fun and appealed to our target audience. It was also an excellent way of tracking results and social engagement.”Senior Marketing Executive, REED

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