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Infographic Design for Fashion Brand
Passion and ambition will always be in style.

Throughout the twentieth century, working women have had to make certain choices when deciding what to wear. Conventional femininity or bold androgyny? Function or fashion? Fitting in or standing out?

The history of women’s workwear tells a unique story about the events of the twentieth century and the changing role of women.

We take an adoring look back at the past 100 years of women’s workwear, reflecting on the iconic designs that defined each era, the styles that we still love today and the celebrities that have made them their own.

Fashion Infographic Design

Infographic produced for Digital PR

Aspinal of London

Key objectives

To create an fashion infographic design that will gain relevant links back to the client’s website.


We pitched the idea of creating an infographic that would detail the history of Women’s fashion over the last century. An infographic that would show the client as a thought leader in fashion as well as containing subtle product placement.

We created bespoke images of each if the outfits in a classic fashion illustration style, mixed with contemporary fashion design detailing to create one of our favourite infographics we’ve ever produced. Fabulous, darling!

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