Helping Your Content Marketing Survive in the Real World

Helping Your Content Marketing Survive in the Real World

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27 million separate pieces of information are shared online every day. You’d be forgiven for thinking the odds are stacked against you and your content. The key to winning hearts is the ability to keep your content marketing fresh, relatable and reality-proof.

As with any experience in life, if you’re feeling lost it can be useful to go back to basics.

Take a reality check: which of these points are you seriously considering with each and every piece of content you create?

Keep it Real

Show off your USP in a way that makes sense in everyday life. While we all love the highly curated. picture-perfect world of Instagram, it has become more than a little detached from reality. Users are becoming increasingly disengaged with brands and influencers because their images (although beautiful) are no longer relatable.

Some of the most successful content out there is popular because it works for everyone – useful hacks, inspirational stories, quick videos demonstrating recipes. This is the kind of content you want to go for if you want to be inclusive and don’t want to risk making your followers feel inadequate.

Don’t Talk About Yourself (Spoiler Alert: No One Cares)

High-quality, creative (and occasionally interactive) content says far more about your brand and its products and services than explicit advertising ever could.

In the above sentence, we have subtly alluded to JBH services without hitting the reader over the head with a sales message. Don’t tell potential customers why you are great, show them – with helpful, valuable, entertaining content that works within and without the context of your brand.

Know Thy Audience 

Who visits your site and why? How many of these visitors convert? Learn your audience by heart – their likes, dislikes, behaviours, user journey through your site and (most importantly) how they digest and interact with your content. We all dread creating buyer personas, but they exist for a reason – create them and use them. Talk to your customers, ask for their feedback. Tailor your content to the type of consumers you want as well as those you already have and watch your metrics start creeping up.

Mind the Gap

On Google that is. Your search position can make or break your click through rate and with such a saturated digital market, maintaining your position can be hard.

Review the search positions you have as well as the ones you want. Take a long, hard look at the SEO profile of the competition – what are they doing and saying that seems to be working for them? Identify which keywords they are topping the charts for and so long as you can do it in a way that feels natural, start hammering them with practically every piece of content you put out.

The point is to make sure that every piece of content and every element of your content marketing strategy uses reality as its basis in moving you closer to your goals. Don’t publish aspirational high fashion-style content if your audience is the girl-next-door. Don’t ignore the keywords your competitors are using if they rank above you. Play to your strengths, work on your weaknesses and always keep it real.