Digital Marketing News: Snapchat Paperclip

Digital Marketing News: Snapchat Paperclip

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Snapchat has taken a significant step towards becoming a more marketer-friendly platform – adding value for audiences at the same time. Launched today, the app’s new Paperclip feature allows users to link out to external websites without having to exit the app. Until now, users have been unable to add direct links to a Story – instead sharing content from the web by sharing a QR Snapcode then asking friends and followers to scan it using the app. Snapchat Paperclip will require users to swipe up from an image or video to be redirected to the link.

Great news for advertisers … and influencers

While this has a certain level of appeal to day-to-day users looking for a more efficient way to share content, the big win is going to be for brands, publishers and influencers. Brands using the platform natively will be able to use the Snapchat Paperclip tool to drive traffic to whichever pages they choose, while influencers will benefit from being able to draw viewers over to their personal blogs and sites. This will go some way towards appeasing influencers who to date have accused Snap of siding with brands and traditional media owners over the online talent loved by modern audiences.

The key question now lies with rival app Instagram. Will the photo-sharing giant be forced to change its rules which heretofore have only allowed users to share links in their bios?

Other changes to the latest Snapchat update include a Backdrops and a Voice Filters feature.