Campaign planning to optimise content performance

“44% of B2B content marketers have a documented content strategy, while 73% have a person dedicated to overseeing the planning and implementation process”

Content Marketing Institute

Campaign planning

Campaign Planning

Having a plan of action is crucial if you want your content campaign to be a success. Everyday your brand competes with others for a share of market attention, which in a highly competitive environment is very difficult to achieve. But sometimes, just one novel idea can generate a huge amount of buzz, elevate reach and build brand affinity with your target audience.

At JBH, we want to offer you that unique something with bespoke content campaign planning. Whether it is to raise awareness of a new product, host social awards or demonstrate niche expertise, we are here to grant your wishes.

We have the capacity and competency to plan entire campaigns, which includes coming up with concepts, writing straplines and body copy, designing content, scheduling activity, setting KPIs and measuring results. After that, we will analyse the results and report back with guidance for future activity.

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