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The Content Marketing Conundrum [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Content Marketing Conundrum [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content marketing has been experiencing a boom in the last couple of years and it’s set to continue. As a marketing agency specialising in content we are experiencing this boom first hand and that’s why we found the 2014 UK research from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) so interesting…

As many of us would have expected their findings revealed that content budgets were due to rise in 2014. But while investment is increasing, many marketers still don’t have a clear content strategy. This contributes to many marketers experiencing the same content challenges.

We’ve outlined the main challenges and offered guidance on how to overcome them in the infographic below. (Here’s the Slideshare for those with achy fingers)

The Content Marketing Conundrum


Content Marketing Conundrum UK Infographic

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By Jane Hunt
Director of Strategy JBH Marketing

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  • Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Jane,

    Build a plan! Simple step, oh so important, and most content marketers don’t do it. Each post I write and video I publish focuses on helping people make money online or live the internet lifestyle. My brand says so, so I better listen to my brand.

    Thanks for the neat share!

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