5 Power Tools to Nail Your Content Strategy

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From the classic to the cutting-edge, we give you the low-down on some of our favourite content marketing tools.


When it comes to building a successful content strategy, quality tools are the ultimate investment. Hitting the nail on the head requires access to everything you need to help you unearth new ideas, share your content and follow up on any engagement.

Roll up your sleeves, take a look at our handy toolkit and get ready to DIY a well-oiled content marketing machine.



The smart social scheduling tool, Buffer is an oldie (in content marketing years) but a definite goodie.

Launched in 2010, the app was designed to post timely content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – so its users don’t have to.

Users can choose to dish out unified messages across platforms or tailor posts according to site. There are a variety of packages available to make sure that businesses of all shapes and sizes can pick their moments wisely.

2,000,000 registered users can’t be wrong.



Cintell is a cloud-based customer intelligence tool which creates information-rich digital models of your ideal customers – their motivations, buying habits, challenges and preferences.

While the customer profiles of the past have been confined to static and somewhat dry PowerPoints and PDFs, the hotly-anticipated persona management system of the moment keeps personas live, digital and up-to-date.

Because it operates using a simple URL, Cintell also makes personas easily accessible throughout your entire organisation.


3Google Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Google Analytics is the most illuminating tool at your disposal in terms of understanding web traffic – providing all the information needed for businesses to make informed marketing decisions.

While the greatest strengths of the system lie in its consistency and reliability, remember that experimentation is key in unlocking its full potential.

Whenever you think you’ve fully got to grips with Analytics, Google adds in a magical new feature or two to keep you on your toes.

However you use it, it’s probably fair to say that GA will retain its prime position in our marketing toolkits for some time to come.



Even the greatest things start with small ideas.

Buzzsumo provides the perfect helping hand when it comes to ideas for content. Entering a topic or domain name generates ten free results (you can get more by subscribing to the pro version) as well as statistics relating to their performance on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Likeable, shareable ideas in but a few clicks!



Zemanta is an amazing way of getting your content in front of new eyeballs.

The service helps your content reach a variety of users on established sites like CNN and ESPN as promoted recommendations or as sponsored content on related articles and websites.
It then shows you how you’re getting on from a centralized results reporting system. This is great because it lets you home in on the readers most valuable to you – those who care what you have to say.

Remember this – a tool is only as great as the person wielding it and the marketing strategy it supports.

Which will you choose?