5 Amazing Apps Created by Teens

5 Amazing Apps Created by Teens

Jane Hunt

The future looks bright for these talented young app developers …

The bright young things responsible for some of our most exciting digital innovations are getting brighter and younger all the time. Here, we take a look at five of the best apps created by teens.


Kids Who Code

Back in 2004, we were all impressed to learn that Mark Zuckerberg was a computer programmer at age 12. These days, child web developers are a dime a dozen – Zuckerberg was 19 by the time he launched Facebook – practically geriatric compared to some of today’s young talent.

Last year 14-year-old Connor Chung was excused from his middle-school graduation with a note from Apple – he was needed in San Francisco for the Worldwide Developers Conference to lay the groundwork for an Apple Watch App.

Now even Chung  has been upstaged. This year is the turn of nine-year-old Australian girl Anvitha Vijay to wow at the WWDC. With a number of iOS apps already under her belt, Anvitha is the youngest developer to be invited to the conference to date.


What’s Changed?

The relationship that kids have with technology is virtually unrecognisable from that which we experienced as millennials. There is no learning curve; these kids have grown up with smartphones.

It should come as no surprise that mobile innovations are happening in the classroom.

Schools and colleges are adjusting curricula to account for a shifting job market, where it is predicted that career opportunities in software development will rise by 22% in the next few years.

Then there’s the technology; even today Apple announced Swift Playgrounds for the iPad, a new project that aims to teach kids to code in Swift.


So what kind of apps are kids creating? Here are 5 we thought were particularly interesting …


Cosmos Browser

Created by then 15-year-old Rohith Varansi, Cosmos enables users with no WiFi or data to browse the internet via SMS. The browser requests URLs, captures and simplifies the source code, then unpacks the results and displays them via SMS and is intended to provide internet access to those who can’t afford it.

WHS Bowling

Created by students from Washington High School of IT, WHS Bowling employs gamification (one of our favourite techniques at JBH), using bowling as a fun and engaging game to promote kindness and discourage bullying – a positive message for students of all ages as well as their teachers, parents and guardians.

Sukario Kids

A sister app to on-the-go blood analyser and recorder app for diabetics Sukario, Sukario Kids was designed by students from Philip O. Berry Academy of Informational Technology in Charlotte, North Carolina to help parents monitor the health of their diabetic children throughout the school day.


FlightCar provides travellers with free airport parking by enabling them to rent out their car to other travellers for the duration of their trip. The app was created by a tech-savvy trio of teens, Kevin Petrovic, Rujul Zaparde and Shri Ganeshram – all 18-19 when the app was created.

Forage City

Part of the current altruistic movement intended to cut food waste, students in Oakland built the Forage City app to inform users to drop off points where they can leave surplus food from homes, restaurants and grocery stores so it can then find its way to those in need.


Come back soon for more exciting apps created by teens.