3 Interactive Content Trends We’re Loving Right Now

3 Interactive Content Trends We’re Loving Right Now

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Great content marketing is a strange beast – hard to pin down or define and just as difficult to master. Staying on trend is essential for brands wishing to get their content seen and heard.

As far as content is concerned it doesn’t get much more current than interactive. Here are just three interactive content trends we’re loving right now.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) really is the future when it comes to interactive and gamified content.

There’s huge potential in offering consumers the chance to engage with your brand and your products or services in the VR space. It’s a fun and completely new type of experience previously only seen in the realms of science fiction.

The possibilities are virtually (no pun intended) limitless. Incorporating VR could allow your users to make more informed choices, perhaps experience what using your product or service would be like before purchasing and build a better relationship with your brand in a more general sense.

According to an article by Forbes, ethical brands like Tom’s are already using VR in their interactive content in order to connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level and reinforce the positive impact their purchase will have.

Interactive Video

We already know that video is an extremely powerful form of content, but did you know about interactive video yet?

Introducing an interactive element makes this platform instantly more engaging for consumers – as Honda found out as part of their recent “The Other Side” campaign.

By offering the user the chance to “create their own adventure,” for example, you’ll make their experience far more personal. As an alternative, using clickable hotspots within the video that show the user the nearest shop where they can buy a particular product is also an effective option.

The Personality Quiz

Online quizzes are a quick and easy way to dip a toe into interactive content. Take it further and create a quiz that allows the user to gain a deeper insight into their own personality and you’ve got an extremely powerful way to promote your brand – as Mulberry have already discovered. Through the assessment process and the responses that the user gives, you can guide them towards a tailored answer – the product that will best suit their needs.

We’re well aware that when it comes to interactive content, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. We’ll be keeping an eye on all the developments, stick with us for updates on the latest trends!