15 Crazy Content Marketing Stats

15 Crazy Content Marketing Stats

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By now we’ve all come to learn that content marketing works. Essentially it’s been the natural evolution of traditional advertising. The leveraging of technology and a more connected consumer base to deliver branded messages more intelligently. But how can we improve our content marketing efforts to be more effective?

Maybe by taking a look at some of the more off the wall content marketing statistics and learning how we can benefit from them. Here are 15 of the craziest content marketing stats, and some hints on how to exploit them:

Visual content such as video and pictures has the best chance of being shared on social channels – this one is easy to exploit. We need to make sure we produce engaging visual content as part of our content marketing strategy.

Written content that is promoted using relevant images has a 94% higher CTR than flat words – another no brainer. We need to make sure that all text content is supported by relevant images.

By the end of 2018, video content will take up 79% of all Internet bandwidth being used – the takeaway here, is that video is big and getting bigger. Make sure to include video in your content calendar.

70% of content marketers do not have a pre-planned content strategy – without a strategy, how can we operate tactically from day today? Good strategy drives a great content funnel.

48% of marketers support three to five stages of the lead funnel using content – we need to consider the fact that content is not just about engagement, it is also about persuasion, turning leads in to customers.

82% of B2B buyers used white papers as part of their product selection process last year – in the B2B space, we need to leverage the value in producing educational content that can be used as part of the purchasing decision.

In 2014, mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets took over from desktop as the main way that video content is viewed – if you didn’t know that mobile is fast becoming the king of content channels, then you do now. Publish for mobile or be damned.

76% of corporate marketing departments say they are going to increase their content marketing budget across 2016 – this tells us that to keep up with the competition, we need to keep increasing our content marketing efforts.

85% of B2B marketers say they will be concentrating more on lead generation with their content marketing in 2016 – this shows us that there is real power in content marketing for filling the lead funnel. We need to make customer engagement a major factor.

40% of B2C marketers say that video is now their most effective content type – once again, we see that video is fast becoming a must have when it comes to content marketing.

42% of companies are going to increase the number of content marketing staff they employ across 2016 – content marketing skills are in demand, if you want good people, think about finding them now.

51% of content marketers cite lack of resources as the main reasons for not publishing more content – if this is your specific problem, think about using a third party marketing firm, or outsourcing.

42% of companies have a person in the C suite that is responsible for driving content marketing strategy – content marketing is a must have corporate capability, that needs to be given due weight within the overall company operational strategy.

72% of companies say that more than 50% of their marketing team are now involved in content marketing efforts – it’s time to start winding down our traditional marketing efforts, and start focusing on what works.

Blogging, at 65% effectiveness, is the single most effect form of content marketing – if you don’t run a company blog, you should. Nothing is better for building brand authority.


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